Soul Purpose Podcast

The Lightning Path of Embodied Spiritual Awakening with Shadow & Light Integration

Create your Soul Purpose Legacy

Are you an empath, mystic or creative, ready to:


  • * Feel Confident with Money + Power + Pleasure 
  • * Create your Circle of Practical & Magical Support aka Visible and Invisible Community
  • * Embody your Soul Purpose and Transform your Wounds into Wisdom
  • * Express your Potential through creativity, writing, movement, nutrition, & lifestyle
  • * Live aligned with the Elements, Seasons & Lunar & Solar Cycles
  • * Stop spiritual bypassing or gaslighting yourself for being too sensitive

Maybe you feel exhausted, stressed and burned-out, yet long to create life on your terms. 

Soul Purpose Podcast Episodes

#9 Permission Granted – Let yourself Play

How many times have you been told to play nice? Real talk episode focused on giving you permission to access your creative power, to play naughty and explore the question: what do you *really* want to create?

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#8 Love the Heart of Fear – Shadow Integration

I’ve discovered the heart of fear is where so much power lives, unlimited power lives in your fear. Tap into that power to be more aligned, on purpose and connected to who you are and what you’re really here to do. The more that you run from fear, the more you run from being yourself.

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#7 Navigate Conflict and Create Connection

Learn to create an environment of connection with different beliefs and perspectives yet have a fundamental core commitment to love, connection, human awakening and creating heaven on earth while integrating the collective shadow.

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#6 Inner Child Healing & the Wounded Healer

What can you do if your inner child easily gets overwhelmed and shuts down by the demands of your adult life? And how working with the inner wounded healer support rapid transform o childhood...

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#5 Create the Future One Breath at a Time

Your breath is the most powerful healing practice and awakening tool that you have with you at all times, and you are only using it a fraction of its capacity which means you are living at only a fraction of your capacity.

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#3 The Shadow Side of Gratitude Practice

Gratitude practice is a common teaching in spiritual and personal growth communities. Let’s look at how gratitude practice can *stop* you from having the health, love and financial success that you desire and what to do instead.

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#2 Your Body is Holy Ground

Learn to trust your body by unraveling stress and trauma patterns is one of the most important practices you can explore. Will you accept the invitation to practice acknowledging, accepting, appreciating, and even loving your body?

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